WILLIAM RUTO slams the US/ UK as he indirectly supports anti-homosexuality laws – GAYSM/ LESBIANISM is not African and should be resisted by all means



Friday February 28, 2014 – Deputy President William Ruto has indirectly supported Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni over the Anti-Gay Bill he signed into law recently and which will see gays and lesbians in Uganda exterminated for spreading the ‘social illness.’
Speaking in Abuja, Nigeria, during the country’s centenary celebrations where he represented President Uhuru Kenyatta, Ruto urged African countries to make their own laws that resonate with the African culture and values and resist Western directives.
In an indirect reference to Uganda and recent anti-homosexuality law, Ruto urged African leaders not to be ashamed by the laws they pass even if they set them on a collision path with the Western imperialists, who want to dictate what Africans should do.
“Africa should redefine its own narrative and must resist those who want to dictate our destiny. We should set our priorities. Africa should decide what laws to set and what laws to follow. We must resist those who think we are a continent defined by disease, bad governance, violence and corruption. We are a 21st century continent”, stated Ruto amid applause and cheers.
This comes even as Western countries led by the US, Canada, Norway among others suspended aid to Uganda over the Anti-Homosexuality Law.

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