You will be SHOCKED to find GAYS in HEAVEN .. Says SMITTA SMITTEN .. He supports them !!!!!!!!!!! If you think otherwise, you are wrong



Friday, February 28, 2014 – Contrary to popular belief that gays are evil people who should be rotting in hell, renowned writer, Smitta Smitten, now says that many people including Museveni, will be shocked to find gays in heaven.
Speaking on KTN’s mid-morning show hosted by the sultry talented Sophia Wanuna, Smitta lashed out at Museveni for enforcing punitive anti-gay laws.
He added that gays run this world, citing the recent economic sabotage in Uganda after Museveni signed the draconian anti-gay laws.
“Gays run this world. Just look at how Uganda economy has dropped after Museveni enforced the anti-gay laws.” He added.
Rumours have been rife on social media that the renowned writer is also a gay due to his strong advocacy for gay rights.
“You are one of the gays who should come out of the closet.”
Read a comment by one of his fans on social media soon after making the reckless remarks live on air.
Do you think Smitta is just expressing his mind or is he one of the gays yet to come out of the closet??????

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