VERA SIDIKA’s message to all those who hate her …….It’s my life



Human beings always and must have a problem with everything.

B***hes be like “your legs too black. Bleach em. Oh, now your legs too white. Get a tan.
Then be like your eyebrows not well done. Oh you have a moustache wax it. Why you wearing fake hair (when they also got weaves on) Oh your nose too big. Get a nose job. 


Oh, why your forehead like that. Damn, your #tbt pic you were so black like charcoal and ugly. B***h you so white now. Why are you bleached? Lmao . Next I’m gonna hear “why your clit too long and pussy phat!? Fix it!–Even when none of y’all f**k it or get anywhere close to it. Smh

That’s why I say in this life, do whatever makes you happy. Fuck what anybody thinks. At the end of the day, when you’re going down (even when u were nice to people) YOU’RE GOING DOWN ALONE!!!

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