VERA SIDIKA bust3d and left N@K£D .. PHOTOs.


 As the wise saying goes, you can fool people at times but you can’t fool all people all the time.


Bootylicious socialite, Vera Sidika, has been posting crazy photos on social media flossing on how she has been living an expensive life that only a few can afford.


This has made every-body believe that she is a real diva and some refer to her as Kenya’s Kim-Kardashian.


However, she was bust3d today by her social media fans after she downloaded one of the photos of Nigerian President, Good-luck Jonathan, watching World-Cup match between Nigeria and Bosnia.


Here is the photo she downloaded; notice that she cunningly downloaded the photo which had the face of the Nigerian President hidden and claimed it was her mansion in Nigeria.


“That’s how I roll out in Nigeria. They talk nonsense but I talk money and class.” She told one of her social media fans, who asked her whether it was her mansion. See photo.


But some of her social media followers had already seen the photos on a Nigerian blog and one of them posted these photos showing the face of the Nigerian President celebrating the Nigerian win against Bosnia with his friends.



Notice it’s the same crib Vera Sidika posted on her facebook page and claimed ownership.


And there she was left with an egg on her face and wishing the earth could open up and swallow her.


“You have finally been bust3d you idiot. It’s now clear you have been faking everything. Get a life.” One of her social media followers told her.


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