VERA SIDIKA brags that no Kenyan man can get her PU$$Y because they are BROKE.


Bootylicious socialite, Vera Sidika, is an angry woman due to constant criticism and frequent insults hurled at her by Kenyans on social media.


The voluptuous socialite, who is currently living in Nigeria with her tycoon boyfriend, wants Kenyans to mind their own business and let her live her life.


According to Vera, it’s ironical to see some ugly Kenyan women with cheap weaves insult her and broke Kenyan men call her all manner of names.


She further says that soon, some people will stop talking about her bleached face and start talking about her phat p()$$y which no Kenyan man can get close to.


Here is what she said just to let Kenyans know that she is tired of their opinions and it’s high time they mind their own business.


Human beings always and must have a problem with everything.


Bitches be like “your legs too black. Bleach em. Oh, now your legs too white. Get a tan.
Then be like your eyebrows not well done. Oh you have a moustache wax it. Why you wearing fake hair (when they also got weaves on) Oh your nose too big. Get a nose job. Oh, why your forehead like that. Damn, your
#tbt pic you were so black like charcoal and ugly. Bitch you so white now. Why are you bleached? Lmao .


Next I’m gonna hear “why your cl!t too long and p()$$y phat!? Fix it!–Even when none of y’all fuck it or get anywhere close to it. Smh


That’s why I say in this life, do whatever makes you happy. Fcuk what anybody thinks. At the end of the day,when you’re going down (even when u were nice to people) YOU’RE GOING DOWN ALONE!!! ������


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