Unraveling the Westgate/ Mpeketoni AL SHABAAB terror attacks mystery – The UK axis


As Kenyans still grapple to unravel the mystery behind the recent Mpeketoni terror attacks, which were well planned and executed thanks to our sleeping security personnel and that claimed the lives of over 70 innocent Kenyans, it has now emerged that the United Kingdom (UK) in one way or the other contributed to the attacks.


A report tabled in the British Parliament (House of Commons) revealed that the sophisticated weapons, including high calibre guns used in both the Westgate terror attack and the recent Mpeketoni attacks were shipped in from the United Kingdom.


The report said, over 44, 000 assorted weapons were shipped from the UK to East Africa in a period of 15 months and ended up in the hands of pirates and Al-Shabaab terrorists and may have later been used in the two Kenyan attacks.


The weapons from the UK that may have landed in Al-Shabaab terrorists’ hands according to the consignment include 24, 000 assault rifles, 2, 700 combat shotguns, 9, 000 rifles, 1, 000 sniper rifles and 3, 000 sporting guns, which ballistic reports reveal may have been used in both Westgate and Mpeketoni attacks.


This explains why only 4 terrorists held the entire country hostage for four good days at the Westgate because they had superior fire-power thanks to Britain.


However, during the heated debate, UK MPs expressed concerns that terrorists may have been using the UK as a point of dispatch of high-grade weapons headed for the Al-Shabaab.


They blamed private security firms in the UK for taking advantage to traffic arms to pirates and Al-Shabaab in Somalia.

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