Unmasking the ‘Tyranny of Numbers’ …….. All KIKUYUs should read this


Let me unmask this ‘tyranny of numbers’ and Gikuyu narrative. There is a fundamental difference between the Mugikuyu and Agikuyu. The Mugikuyu is the owner of capital and property. The Agikuyu are supplier of labour and protection to the Mugikuyu’s interest. 


Both the Mugikuyu and the Agikuyu belong to the Gikuyu ethnic community. The Agikuyu fought for the independence but the Mugikuyu inherited and owned the sweat of the Agikuyu struggle for land, human dignity and freedom. The Mugikuyu, through hired brains, constructed the tyranny of numbers (Agikuyu) narrative to cover and drive the interest of the tyranny of capital (the Mugikuyu). 


Think outside box. 


Restrain and build one inclusive Kenya for all the Agikuyu. Every Kenyan citizen especially the ordinary Kenyan mortals who are busy attacking and abusing each other has right to human dignity, freedom and equal opportunity.


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