A top gospel TV presenter paints a real picture of how gospel artists BEHAVE … See what he had to say. NKT ???????????????????



The thriving Kenyan gospel music industry has been under the spotlight due to controversies surrounding the so called gospel artists. Most gospel artists are money seekers rather than ministers of God’s word. Not long ago, Dj Mo and Sadic were accused by Mwafaka CEO, Dydero, of leading a cartel of gospel deejays soliciting for money from upcoming artists so as to play their music.
And now, Crossover Host, Allan T, says that most of the gospel artists have lost direction and they are just singing for money and fame. He further laments that some gospel artists are so proud and the God they sing about cannot be reflected in them.
Here is what he had to say on his facebook page;
I used to know him, back then he wasn’t what he is today.
He was innocent, he had true love and clear vision, no confusion.
He knew what the job was and he did it with passion.
Town to town they knew his name, they respected his maturity.
His was a case of pure divinity

Telling it like it is, keeping it real giving people reality.
He dint care for accolades, nothing impressed him, he had found a new love.
They say love is blind but he could finally see clear, atleast thats what i hear.
But then come the darkness, he no longer cared about the goal.
He did not realize that not all that glitters is gold.
But who could tell him,he wasnt to be told.

I know he is not beyond redemption, but he is stubborn and self absorbed caught up in the hype as a matter of fact i think he believes in his own hype.
He is my friend, he is my family, he is part of me and I pray for him.


The industry needs to go back to ministry.

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