Things that all WOMEN should know before they hit 30 YEARS … Any SERIOUS LADY must read this!!!!!!!!!!!!



1. How to Let her Guard Down

Everyone knows someone who grew or has grown old without letting the bitterness sink in. But as a woman, opening yourself up and taking risks both in love and in life is the only way to move forward.

2. What her Dream job is

It becomes easy to waste time treading water but by the time you are 30, you should have your eyes set on your dream job.

3. What she Wants in a Man

As you get to 30, you should know how to trim your list of preferences with reference to men to only the most important items.

4. That you have had Enough Fun

In general, forty sits on the heels of thirty and fifty is right after that. Therefore, some miles before 30 are the best time to get going on that bucket list you made some years before in order to avoid regretting why you never had that summer fling or visited that dream town.

5. How to Save

Agreeably, none of us wants to work forever. Thus, if you want to relax in your old age, this is the time to put together a financial plan that will square something away for your golden years.

6. How to Keep it Tight

In many cases, old age gets women by surprise. If you want to keep your ‘youngish’ look while in your 30s, establish a walking, yoga and/or gym routine now. This will help you stay fit and healthy as you get older.

7. How to get Things Done

An idea of what you want to achieve will direct you rightfully. To get there you will need a systemic plan with a series of smaller goals along the way which is more of a road map to the future.

8. How to Fall in Love with Yourself

Your youth days are the time for self-loathing, self-doubt and insecurity but thirty is the time to fall in love with all that makes you happy. On that note, changing the things that keep you from being the person you wish to be is vital.

9. That Therapy is Okay

If you are dealing with dark actions or struggling with issues from your past, a few hours in a shrink’s office will help you straighten out the kinks.

10. When to Try Harder and when to Walk Away

This involves considering all angles of your life that range from him not acting right to when your job is not paying right to anything getting in the way of your happiness that you cannot fix.

Whatever your choice is, just know as life gets more hectic, it is more important to find a place to relax. Most believably, your thirties will never be the same with these few tips on your fingertips.

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