Thief STONED…… he was ‘shopping’ for Christmas in Kinoo



It was the proverbial 40th day for a thief on Friday evening after he was stoned for stealing from a supermarket in Kinoo.
The middle aged man who is now hospitalized in critical condition was ‘shopping for Christmas’ and was caught with cooking oil, flour and baking powder in preparation for the celebration.
According to a staff member at the busy supermarket, the man was caught with the stolen items by a guard who suspected him. The man entered posing as a normal shopper, went into the food side and picked one item and then dropped it.
He was looking for an opportune time to hide the goods and when it struck he squeezed the products in his coat. As he was leaving, the watchman decided to check him. The supermarket has a policy of inspecting all window shoppers. This is because there are no CCTV cameras and the window shoppers do not pass by the counter giving them a chance to sneak out with stolen items.
The man was caught with the stolen items and attempted to run away. However the shoppers would not let him escape. They chased him and caught up with him some few metres raining stones on him.

Seriously wounded, he admitted and pleaded for forgiveness claiming that he was tempted to steal at least to celebrate with his family. He is admitted at a hospital in Kinoo where he is fighting for his life.

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