Here is the team that does all the MAGIC to make LUPITA NYONG’O look Glamorous ……. All LADIES should check the 2nd PHOTO (NICK)



Thursday, February 27, 2014 – It’s with no doubt that Hollywood sensation, Lupita Nyong’o, always dazzles on stage due to her unique looks which clearly reflect natural beauty. Recently, she revealed the great team that does all the magic and make her look flawless. Have a look;
Micaela Erlanger – The Stylist


She’s a fashion stylist/ creator as well as a “lover of all things beautiful and alluring”. A native New Yorker is one of the most successful stylists of the moment. Micaela has been working with her for months and knows exactly what’s best for her.
Nick Barose – The Makeup Artist


He has made a name for himself as a celebrity makeup artist since getting his start as an assistant to the legendary Kevyn Aucion. As a celebrity makeup artist Nick has worked with a range of clients, including Gabrielle Union; you shouldn’t wonder why Lupita looks flawless.

Deborah Lippmann – The Manicurist

Deborah is a celebrity and one of the most sought after fashion manicurist in the world who has designed nail polishes for stars such as Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Julia Roberts. As one of the most celebrated manicurists in fashion and beauty, she has collaborated with many high-profile luxury brands such as Burberry and Bulgari, no wonder she’s often entrusted by top designers to create runway-worthy nail looks, she’s been called a nail visionary, like Lupita did.

Larry Sims – The Hairstylist

He reveals that he’s always had a love for hair, “I remember going to hair salons as a kid and being fascinated with hairstylists.” He graduated top of his class after attending Pivot Point International in Chicago (Pivot Point is considered the “Harvard of Hair”).

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