SWALEH MDOE indirectly exposes what happens in Citizen TV and other TV stations


– Citizen TV anchor, Swaleh Mdoe, is now questioning his fellow Kenyan journalists on the method they use to deliver news to their audience.


According to the renowned Swahili anchor, most Kenyan journalists give prominence to international news while our own Country is burning.


He cited the recent Wajir attack where many Kenyan media stations gave the killings a black-out while they are the first ones to give prominence to Ukraine War.


This is despite innocent lives having been lost in the attacks but many Kenyan media stations gave it less coverage.


“Upto 30 people butchered in Wajir and Kenyan media treat such news as County reports, but cover extensively the Ukraine war. Lost priorities.” He tweeted.


However, blogger Robert Alai questioned why he hasn’t used his senior position at Citizen TV to change the situation, but he revealed that there are powerful individuals who control what Kenyans watch.


“I just have a dormant position but there are certain individuals who are the real bosses and they have the final say.” He responded back.


Swaleh told his fans that there is nothing much he can do because his bosses are untouchable and they have the final say. That paints the real picture of Kenya’s media —— full of cartels.

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