Here are the signs that a NAIROBI LADY in a club is a PROSTITUTE and will spike your drink at the slightest opportunity (For MEN ONLY)



You enter a club and after one beer you start navigating for a possible chips funga
Please Nairobi men, be very careful because most ladies in clubs these days are prostitutes and are up to no good and can easily “mchele” (spike) you.
So what are the signs of a would-be prostitute (Nairobi Ladies) in a club?

She is always alone and sipping some expensive drinks but at a slow pace.

She is always playing with her hair as her eyes rove around the club.
When you approach her, she will start maringo like “ebu niwache juu nangoja date wangu / chali wangu.” (Please leave me alone because am waiting for my date a.k.a boyfriend)
This is only a gimmick to test if you are resilient.


If you insist and suggest that “wacha basi ninunue kamoja kabla boy wako akamu,” (Let me buy you a drink before your date come), she will offer you a sit and chances are she will buy you the second drink which of course will be spiked after a while..

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