SHOCKING!! Prophet DAVID OWOUR sacrificed his FATHER in 2005 …..Other facts



Below are 8 facts you barely knew about Prophet Dr. Owour;

1. He stage-manages his alleged miracles through the power of Satan.

2. His teachings are infact post-Christian. Meaning, he exalts himself above God Himself, thus creating a religion different from Christianity, where he is the god.

3. No true prophet had ever amassed wealth the way he does. Moreover, no true prophet engages in power-fights the way does with other men and women of God like bishop Wanjiru.

4. He is used by Illuminati to prophecy the works of Illuminati. He infact has a symbol of illuminati in his website

5. His allegation that Raila had converted to christianity was just an attempt to gain Raila more followers.

6. In most of his crusades, at least 2 people die.

7. He refused to bury his father upon his death in 2005, because he had sacrificed him.

8. True prophets prophecy the negative and positive things, since God always shows compassion to people. Owuor is a prophet of doom since he only prophecies negative things that dont have compassions of God.


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