SHOCKING!! The LIST of GAY celebrities in Kenya who have been HIDING …… KTN’s JEFF KOINANGE, MAINA KAGENI among others (Courtesy of Kenya Scandals)



Homosexuality is a living reality not only in Kenya but worldwide, many societies have succumbed and embraced it as a normal thing.
However in Kenya, things are different and according to the law having a sexual act with person of same sex is insane and outlawed and despite this, people are finding Kenya a soft zone as compared to other neighboring countries with strict anti-gay policies.

As a result people like Binyavanga found it easy to come out of his a$$ and declare his “openness” to the public. He sprung up to an instant celebrity though he was before just unpopular.

There are thousands of homosexuals, in fact a certain research indicates that of every 10 men in Kenya one is GAY. In the celebs world there are many of them but due to the societal settings, these people will hide under whatever but behind scenes they are die hards of you know what.

This list is just but tip of the iceberg.

1. MAINA KAGENI, the classic fm presenter is a worldwide known faggot, thou his sex topics on his show might confuse you, those REALLY close to him knows of his love for the back stories. He has a boyfriend he visits abroad who bought him luxury cars and a house in the US as well. It pays well as you can see.

2. IAN MUGOYA, him of straight up is undoubtedly one of the good looking fellas in these streets, he got ladies flocking but as we have established, men are also baying for his ass and he is not turning it down. He gets hammered by the rich and helps him maintain his lifestyle. He has been spotted severally having intimate make out with his many boyfriends.

3. JIMMY GAIT, he once confessed to have been engaged to homosexuality during his High school days and later reformed but he really has not. A source reveals to Kenya Scandals that he has been spotted severally with a huge built man checking in a city hotel for some backstabbing. He also had a thing with Anto Neosol whom we will tell you about later on. Those close to him tell us that the two have been spotted severally at Anto’s Donholm house.

4.CHIMANO, SAUTI SOL, now where do we start with this, ninja is gay in all perspectives and though he has denied it severally, his looks and his leaked files indicate that he is indeed super gay.

5. WILLY PAUL, as much as many of you would argue that this is false, one of the gay members community reveals to Kenya Scandals that this young gospel artist swallows more than the word of God, he had a super rich boyfriend in Eldoret who is a wheat farmer, they broke up when he hooked up with a certain executive in the formal sector. Deny much you want we are done here.

6. JEFF KOINANGE, he hosts a popular show on KTN, for a long time his feminine hairstyle and heavy makeup has been used as a tell tale that the smoking man would perhaps be a member but that was not satisfying enough. Kenya Scandals is reliably informed that indeed he is and while in South Africa during his CNN days he had several and even in Kenya he has some going. In a recent interview with Binyavanga, one viewer hinted that Binyavanga was checking him out, he went ahead to deny being interested and not Gay, we all know it starts with denial.

7. STEVE MUENDO, for those who don’t know him, this is a reputable writer with Pulse and head of Monday Blues, he boasts as the best paparazzi in East Africa, snitches reveals to us that he is not only best paparazzi but also a lover of the other paparazzi.

KEEP IT KENYA SCANDALS THE PARTY JUST GOT STARTED. If you don’t like what you reading. Buy a rope and RIP.

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