This is SHOCKING .. Gay gospel artist JOJI BARO forced to BOW DOWN before UHURU KENYATTA’s portrait by police .. Does this still happen in Kenya????


Thursday, February 27, 2014 – Controversial gay gospel artist, Joji Baro, who has vowed to fight for gay rights in Kenya, recently revealed how he was forced to bow down before Uhuru Kenyatta’s portrait by police.
Apparently, he had accompanied his close friend to report a criminal case but he had his cap on.  Police then ordered him to remove the cap as a show of respect to them or face dire consequences.
When he defied police orders, he was labeled a criminal and told that if he can’t bow down before them, he should then bow down before Uhuru Kenyatta’s portrait. However, he further defied their orders and after a little altercation, police let him off.
Here is what he posted on his facebook page. Do police still carry out such brutal acts.
Previously, I woke up from my bed and acompanie dmy friend to report acase of blackmail at the police station. 
On arrival, I had a marvin on my head since I did not get time to comb my hair which would require more than 30 minutes to achieve my signature style look. In a minute I had been turned into a criminal. Why, cause I had a something to cover my uncombed hair. The police said if I can’t respect them then atleast I should respect him. 
Do you kno what “Him” ment? A photo of the president. Why on earth should I bow down on a photo? I can do that to my mothers potrait but not someone who makes my life miserable. If so, then why don’t ladies unrap their rappers when before such photos with so many titles written below only to end with presidents name? 

Atleast they told me to put it back since my hair looked terrible. 

I will never bow down to an idol. Not me. I can only do that to Jesus or my mamas photo.

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