This is SHOCKING .. Citizen TV’s anchor KIRIGO NG’ARUA is a Husband Snatcher and a Chain Smoker ….. They said it.!!!!!!!!!!!




Looks like its the season of husbands thuggery,the other day it was Wanjiku the Flop Teacher stealing her friend’s hubby and now the ‘innocent’ Kirigo stings like a bee and went with it. Speaking of bees do you know if a male bee has sex it dies after,imagine if that happened to human beings,I’ve stopped imagining,anyway that was just a btw back to the point. So as Kenya Scandals we receive all manners of scandals going on and hidden.

We received this mail from a lady for this purpose lets call her Emily not her real names though,”Do you know that Kirigo Ng’arua lady on citizen TV is such a b*tch and a big pretender,a chain smoker who is wrecking my friend’s home. She has threatened to expose the scandal to the media by herself but is protecting the husband’s reputation,however i will expose this ratchet h*e” “She has been shamelessly going out with someone’s husband and worse still,her friend,she knows damn well she is a married man with three kids,how would she feel if someone was humping her husband,this man has changed and turned violent on his wife,just because of Kirigo,these TV girls are nothing but hoes. My friend was thrown out with the kids 2 weeks ago. He says openly that Kirigo is his second wife.

If you are reading this Kirigo wachana na bwana wa Wenyewe,you are enjoying while your fellow woman is crying and her children too,her tears will haunt you. She is everywhere with him,Mercury or making out in the car lot” The fury woman lets it out to Kenya Scandals. Caught by surprise since this accused lady has the most innocent face in this industry. Btw she got some motorboating grounds lol sorry if that passed you.

Pretenders are the worst,she is presenting news and presenting her legs to someone’s husband at the same damn time. According to the source,the husband chilling in the “newsroom” is a chief executive with one of the leading Insurance companies. Did you read she smokes Cigarettes? Do i have to finish what else she could be sucking in apart from smoke…….. Be careful with these left handed ladies or your husband will have “left”. Right now a woman and three kids are suffering,crying and with no dad,Kirigo the left handed left with him.

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