SHOCKER .. 99 PERCENT of Kenyan Celebs are HIV POSITIVE and that’s why I keep my legs closed … Says a Top Kenya ACTRESS.


Friday, February 28, 2014-“99 percent of Kenyan Celebrities are HIV positive.  Take care as you go to the City. Keep your legs closed. If you don’t, you will die.”
Those are the last words that former Tahidi High actress, Pierra Makena, was told by her mother as she embarked on a journey to the City.
Apparently, soon after Pierra finished her form four exams, she got a job as an actress in one of the local movies. The talented actress had to stay under the care of her aunt since most of her relatives resided upcountry.
But what stands out is her mother’s Solomonic words which she has believed in up-to date.
“Any time I am tempted to fall into reckless s3xual behaviours, my mother’s last words she told to me four years ago before I landed in the city keep on lingering in my head. Those words have really helped me” She revealed in a media interview.
During the morning interview with Am Live’s Sheila Mwanyigah, Pierra, who doubles as a deejay, also revealed that she is planning to venture into music industry.
I am trying to change the phase of deejaying in Kenya. I will follow into the footsteps of renowned international deejay, David Guetta who collaborates with top American artists to make hits. I will soon be releasing hits with Kenyan artists.” She added.
The talented actress has also starred in a soon to be released Nollywood movie and according to her; the sky is the only limit.

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