SHOCK; Prophet DAVID OWOUR has already predicted his death …. He will die on ……. Find out.



Monday, April 28, 2014 – Renowned prophet, David Owour, popularly known as the Mighty Man of God, has already predicted his own death and only his close confidants know about it.
In a lengthy expose by his former Personal Assistant, the controversial prophet has already predicted that he will die on March 19, 2016.
“He revealed to me that he will die on March 19, 2016 and I should keep this as a top secret if I don’t want to die’’. Stated his former PA in an expose that surfaced online.
Dr Prophet also believes that he is the only man on the earth who directly talks to God.
In-fact, Owour believes that he is Prophet Elijah that the Bible talks about in Malachi 4:5, who will come to prepare the way for the Lord before his return.
The flashy prophet also claims that he talks to angels every night face to face and angel Gabriel happens to be his regular visitor.
“He once told me that Angel Gabriel had visited him while we were on a mission in Naivasha and they had a lengthy discussion at night.” Explains the former worker in his Ministry who is now a critique of Owour’s prophetic works.
Owour’s miracles and prophesies have always been a subject of discussion on social media circles with some totally believing in him while some rubbish his prophetic works.
What’s your opinion about the mighty man of God?

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