SHAME: Citizen TV’s anchor SWALEH MDOE has countless children out of WEDLOCK with COLLEGE students … And he likes it “RAW”.. A real KING MSWATI.



Sunday, March 16, 2014 – Top Citizen TV Swahili anchor, Swaleh Mdoe, is a s3x pervert who finds it hard to zip up when he spots anything in skirt.
A few days ago, a young lady shocked the nation after she filed a case in court against the renowned anchor.
Apparently, the eloquent Swahili anchor sired a child with her but failed to take responsibility. By then, she was an intern at Citizen TV and had unprotected s3x with the senior anchor.
The young lady named, Fauzia, now wants the court to order Mdoe’s employer to attach part of his salary for maintenance of the child allegedly born in 2004.
The embattled lady, who is currently jobless, claims that Mdoe earns over Ksh 750,000 but cant contribute not even a single cent to the child’s upkeep.
“My child is currently out of school for lack of school fees but his father is a millionaire. That’s unfair. I want justice.” She remorsefully told the court.
But Fauzia is just one of the many ladies, who have had their innocence destroyed by the eloquent Swahili anchor with a strong appetite for young virgins.
According to our m0les, the senior Citizen TV anchor has sired babies with countless college students. With his huge financial muscles and enormous fame as an added advantage, Swaleh, who is one of the highest paid anchors in this land, finds it easy to drive any young lady to bed.
“Some years back, I had unprotected s3x with him during my attachment at Citizen TV. He had promised me a job in return but after we had unprotected s3x, he started avoiding me like plague. Unfortunately, I fell pregnant.” A lady revealed to us on condition of anonymity.
Shockingly, Swaleh had ordered this lady to abort or face dire consequences, but she declined to kill the innocent baby. Her efforts to pursue the matter in court have born no fruits thanks to corrupt court officials under Swaleh’s pay-check.
“I have made frantic efforts to pursue the matter in court, but Swaleh has bribed all court officials to give my case a deaf ear.” Added the lady.
One of our sources based at Citizen TV, also revealed to us that many college attachés lose their virginity to Mdoe, as he promises them a job back but to no avail.
“He sleeps with the ladies promising them jobs but he rarely honours the promise. Suprisingly, he loves it “raw” and that’s why many have sired babies with him. Many have filed a case in court against him, but he always bribes corrupt court officials.” Added the source.
Mdoe is a married man with children, but he has continuously robbed many young ladies of their innocence. As the people’s watchmen, we warn young ladies not to be fooled by Mdoe’s fame and money beacuse he will destroy their future once they open their legs to him.
As they say, there is no bad blood like a crying blood, and Mdoe risks a big curse for the countless babies he has sired and neglected.

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