Secret to losing ‘baby fat’ ……..Citizen TV’s LULU HASSAN reveals


Two months ago, Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan delivered her second baby and just like any other woman, she gained some weight after her pregnancy. However, Lulu is back in shape after going through some therapy.


Below is her secret to losing ‘baby fat’;


“Usually, it is done by the aunties and family but since I am in Nairobi I had to look for someone offering the services. I started right when I came home from hospital…I had a normal delivery that is why I was able to start immediately. The water is very hot, but it doesn’t burn. She starts by massaging the whole body, including the face, to get rid of the swelling,” 


“There is a certain technique that she uses to re-adjust the uterus to its position. That is when the stomach starts to get back its former shape. The massage also helps the body to expel all the remnants of the pregnancy and by the end of the 14 days, everything is clear. My stomach is completely back to what it was. Now I plan to go for swimming to keep fit. Probably what I loved the most is the way my skin glowed after the process,” 


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