RUTO tells LUHYAS the plain TRUTH – To be in OPPOSITION will make you POOR like LUOs who are always against UHURU/ RUTO



Sunday December 29, 2013 – Deputy President, William Ruto, has told the Luhya community to work with the Jubilee Government in order to boost chances of development in western Region.
Speaking during the homecoming party of Bumula MP, Boniface Otsyula, on Saturday, Ruto said disunity among the Luhyas is to blame for poor development in Western region.
“I want to assure the people from Western Kenya that the Jubilee Government is willing to develop all parts of Kenya including the Western region. But your continued disunity is a setback,” Ruto said.
The Deputy President said despite the many political party differences, the region can still develop if its leaders speak with one voice.
“We want to work with all of you but you should vote for one party instead of voting for different parties and individuals,” he said.
Also on the ongoing State appointments, Ruto said individuals from Western region will be appointed in the Government in the next public appointments.
“We have not exhausted positions in the national Government. Give us time. We will soon make appointments that will include people from the Western region,” Ruto said.

He said he does not want the region to join Luo Nyanza which is among the poorest region in Kenya.

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