REVEALED: Slain MUNGIKI insider OSCAR KINGARA had Sh 2.1 BILLION in his account – He wanted to overthrow the Government!



Slain Mungiki sympathiser, Oscar Kingara, who was assassinated by former President Mwai Kibaki’s administration in 2009, had Sh 2.1 billion in his bank account, the Kenyan DAILY POST has established.
According to sources from Oscar Foundation and Anti- Banking Fraud Unit, Kingara had two bank accounts, a dollar and sterling pound accounts alleged to have a total of £15 million (Sh 2.1 billion using the current exchange rates).
The source said Kingara was assassinated by the Government after detectives realized that he was receiving huge funding from foreign NGOs who have a history of using proxies to overthrow African Governments.
“A man with such serious cash and dreaming of a regime change would have interested any Government,” said one of the police officers who was attached to the National Intelligence Service (NIS) during the time.
However, his family doesn’t know of such huge amounts of money.
“If according to the allegations it is true, then we deserve to be informed the whereabouts of the cash,” his brother, Ben Kingara, said.
Oscar Kingara’s assets have remained with the Government since he was killed in March 5, 2009.
The Government confiscated all his property despite never opening investigations or an inquest into his death.


“The Government still holds his car in which he was slain. The Mercedes Benz is now rotting at Kilimani Police Station. His trailer suffers the same fate at Buru Buru Police Station,” his brother says as he sobs quietly.

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