REVEALED: This is why Classic 105’s CIKU MUIRURI hates Kenyan men with a PASSION…… A MUST READ!!!!!!!!



Sunday, November 24, 2013 – For some time now, it has been public knowledge that Classic 105’s radio host, Ciku Muiruri, hates Kenyan men with a passion. Not long ago, she sparked an online war after calling Kenyan men broke and ugly; she even advised Kenyan ladies to breed with foreigners so as to get pretty species and do away with this breed of Kenyan men. Her sentiments sparked a lot of mixed reactions and she has been trending for the wrong reasons.
But why does Ciku, a senior spinster with one daughter hate Kenyan men with such huge passion? It all started with his blood brother, Tony Gachoka, a certified power broker and a loud-mouthed political pundit.
After Ciku’s lovely father died as a result of stomach ulcers, Tony Gachoka frittered away his father’s wealth with women and alcohol, leaving helpless Ciku without even a penny out of the fortune. To make matters worse, after Tony squandered his father’s wealth, he denied Ciku access to University education, something she had desired since childhood. This made her hate men with passion.
Another reason that makes this bubbling radio host hate men is because of her boyfriend, who impregnated her and later mercilessly dumped her. In a recent media interview, Ciku broke into tears as she narrated how her boyfriend physically abused her when she was pregnant. Apparently, the said man is the biological father to her daughter Erica.
In a previous interview with a local magazine, Ciku recounted how a former boss demanded s*xual favours from her, just days after reporting to work. When she denied him the s*xual pleasures, she was fired without pay and she had taken a bank loan to take care of her daughter’s needs.
“Things were really hard for me and I even contemplated suicide. The awful experience made me hate men with passion.” She narrates.
So, next time you hear Ciku lash out at Kenyan men, know that she is a victim of men’s brutality.

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