RAILA ODINGA thrives on CHAOS and he doesn’t care who wins – If NAMWAMBA wins he won’t share sorrow with KAJWANG and his team- GACHOKA



Thursday February 27, 2014 – Political strategist and Media consultant, Tony Gachoka, has warned nominated Senator Dr. Agnes Zani, and her team to tread carefully with former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, because he won’t be there to weep with them once they lose to Team Ababu Namwamba in Friday’s ODM’s election.
Speaking during a debate with Jeff Koinange of KTN, Gachoka, who was once Raila Odinga’s private secretary and ODM’s chief of protocol, said the former PM does not care who wins or who loses Friday’s election.
He noted that the former PM thrives on chaos and that he is well aware of the recent fallout in ODM between Namwamba and Zani’s teams and will take advantage of it because that is his nature.
Gachoka further said Raila will side with whoever wins and if Zani and Kajwang’s team loses, he won’t be there to share the sorrow with them.
“Raila Odinga is a very crafty man, if you win he will celebrate with you, but if you lose, you cry alone and that is what is going to happen to Zani and her team once they lose”, said Gachoka.

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