Popular female TV anchor in a S3X scandal that may land her in jail. Her name is…….


A popular female TV anchor, who is a well known husband snatcher and has been regularly bust3d cheating on her husband with influential men in the society, risks arrest after a Nairobi based business- woman started the process of suing her for breaking her family.


The s3xy TV anchor, who keeps men glued to their TV screens due to her killer figure, was bust3d by the woman having romantic dinner with her husband at a City hotel a few weeks ago.


The woman was tipped-off by her friend who works at the hotel and she decided to confront them. It took the intervention of the hotel’s security team before the popular TV anchor was given a dog’s beating.


Sources indicate that the woman is now preparing to file a case in court accusing the popular TV anchor, who recently s3duced an international celeb live on TV, of breaking her family and sending her threatening messages.


The embattled woman claims that the shameless TV anchor has been having s3x with her husband even in their matrimonial bed.


She has promised to teach her a bitter lesson that she will never forget.

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