P*N!S on sale!!….. Kerugoya man wants to SELL his’ after catching wife in bed with a cousin



A 31 year old man from Kerugoya has put up his vital organ – the p*n!s – on sale claiming not to be in need of it. The father of three said that he no longer wanted it since it cannot satisfy the wife.
He came to this decision after he caught his wife on their matrimonial bed with his own cousin.
According to neighbours, the man was a drunkard and the woman opted to have a substitute who would be in charge of her s*xual appetite. She picked the husband’s cousin who to the people’s surprise was also a drunkard.
Since they lived in the same compound, he was at an advantage since he monitored the husband’s movement. On Friday evening, the husband left to go and drink as usual and being a weekend, they knew he would return the following day.
This was an opportunity for them to romp the whole night!
The cousin sneaked into the man’s house and headed straight to the bedroom, to have s*x with the woman. They enjoyed the rendezvous the whole night only to be caught in the morning. Just as they were having the morning glory, the husband to the woman knocked on the door.
The woman took long to open making the drunkard even angrier and he threatened to break the down the feeble door. Having no choice the woman opened and the side dish, at the speed of lightning, dashed outside.
The husband started shouting attracting other neighbours who came to see what was happening. It was then that the man announced the sale of his genitalia since it could not satisfy the wife who had opted to replace him with his cousin.



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