Planned Parenthood Global Call for Information System Support Services Proposals May 2016


Job opportunity;Planned Parenthood Global Call for Information System Support Services Proposals

Career vacancy:Planned Parenthood Global Call for Information System Support Services Proposals

Planned Parenthood Global (PPG)
Africa Regional Office
Call for Proposals
for Information System Support Services
Introduction: Planned Parenthood Global (PPG) is the international division of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). 
PPFA has been a leading sexual and reproductive health (SRH) service provider and advocacy organization in the United States for over a century. 


PPFA has worked globally for over 40 years providing local organizations with the technical assistance and financial support they need to run strong, sustainable SRH advocacy and service delivery programs. 
PPG’s Africa Regional Office (ARO) based in Nairobi, works with local non-governmental organizations in East and West Africa to build their programmatic, institutional and financial capacity to advocate for and provide quality SRH information and services.

ARO’s information services (IS) system is linked to PPFA’s IT system, which is based in the United States. 
ARO currently has twenty staff members and supports 18 staff members in country offices in Burkina Faso, Senegal, Uganda and Kisumu, Kenya. Each of the offices also engages one or two interns periodically.

ARO is seeking to engage a vendor to provide direct IS support for office hardware, software, local area network, and maintenance, to the ARO and Kisumu offices and consult on support for the offices in Burkina Faso, Uganda and Senegal.

Services Required
A. Initial Assessment
Review of inventory, assessment of system architecture and equipment for efficiency, recommendations for improving routine support criteria and eliminating emergency maintenance situations.

B. Desktop Application Support
Performance of basic support functions, including the installation of personal computers (PCs), laptops, printers, peripherals, and office software; diagnosis and correction of desktop application problems, configuring of PCs and laptops for standard applications; identification and correction of user hardware problems, with advanced troubleshooting as needed.

C. Server and Workstation Administrative Services

Management of networks and computer systems, including complex applications, databases, messaging, servers and associated hardware, software, communications, and operating systems, necessary for performance, security, reliability, and recoverability of the systems.

Scheduling of preventive maintenance for equipment in the areas of coverage is properly and promptly performed; maintenance of records for both onsite visits and telephone support; development of operations and quality assurance for backup plans and procedures are being followed.

Configuration management, including changes, upgrades, etc. is maintained; and support of software products relating to servers and workstations; timely response to repair and maintenance work for the user.
D. Network Administration Services
Maintenance and support of network equipment, including switches, firewalls, routers, and other security devices is included. 
Installation and maintenance of printers, scanners, network devices; analysis, routine configuration changes, and installation of patches and upgrades; minor cabling if needed; alert notifications in case of failure of equipment. 
Proactive monitoring of network equipment, including performance indicators to report on threshold limitations; network performance and capacity management services; continuous troubleshooting are required. 
Maintenance of network documentation for daily, weekly, and monthly services is required.
E. Purchasing
Vendor will be tasked with adhering to procurement policy and procedures when obtaining quotes and bids for additions to the Information Technology inventory. 
The contract to be awarded does not obligate PP Global to purchase computer equipment, replacement parts, hardware devices, cabling, licenses and software from the successful vendor.

ARO will be responsible for linking the consultant with relevant office administrators, providing all necessary hardware, providing guidance and support and reviewing the processes developed and conducted by the consultant.

Duration of consultancy: The contract is expected to take a period 12 months with an option to renew for another 12-month period.

Expected Profile of the Vendor: The vendor should have a minimum of five years of experience providing IS support services to companies with a minimum of 50 computer work stations located across multiple sites. 
The vendor should have staff with demonstrated experience and proficiency in:
  1. PC installations
  2. Troubleshooting hardware/software issues
  3. Software installation, re-imaging, configuration needs
  4. Servicer installation and maintenance, preferably experience with Windows Server 2008 and Small Business Server 2011
  5. Managing user account database
  6. Installing and managing network printers
  7. Server backup systems
  8. Cisco systems for Routers, Switches and Wifi
Proposal Specifications
Interested vendor must submit a proposal with the following components:
  • Company Profile and Capacity Statement (Maximum 10 pages)
  1. Company name and location.
  2. Company’s length of time in business.
  3. Description of the company’s experience with providing the desired services in this “Call for proposals;” and summary of human resource capacity to provide desired services.
  4. nformation on companies/organizations for which vendor has provided similar services: Name of company/organization; type of services provided; duration of service provision; name, email address and telephone number of contact person.
  5. Curriculum vitae of staff attached as Appendices (in addition to the maximum 10 pages)
  • Workplan for routine services
  • Description of and timelines for the routine activities to be performed or services to be provided.
  • Financial
  • Detailed itemized budget in Kenya Shillings (as an Excel spreadsheet) for activities/services to be provided, based on frequency of activities/services and staff level of effort.
NOTE: Please do not copy and paste the PP Global logo on any proposal document.

Proposal Submission
Interested and qualified firms or individuals must submit a complete proposal, with a detailed work plan and budget by email no later than 11 May, 2016 to

Award Criteria
ARO will evaluate the proposals and award the assignment based on technical and financial soundness and feasibility. ARO reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal received without giving reasons and is not bound to accept the lowest, the highest or any bidder.


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