OMG! Kiss 100’s CAROLINE MUTOKO exposes women badly…See what they do to their VAGINA.. Shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Friday, November 29, 2013 – Kiss 100’s bubbling presenter, Caroline Mutoko, is never afraid to speak her mind no matter how sensitive a topic is. Despite having many haters and fans, she is straight-shooting in her views.
Earlier today, during her “Breakfast Show”, Caroline revealed that some women are injecting dangerous drugs into their vag!na in the name of fun.
According to Mutoko, most women are afraid of leaving stretch marks on their bodies after injecting drugs. As a result, they prefer injecting the lethal drugs into their private parts and the consequences are damaging.
“Many women are aware that no man can notice the stretch marks in their private parts and thus foolishly inject drugs in their vag!na destroying the birth canal.” She said it straight.
Her sentiments shocked her fellow co-hosts who condemned the shameful act. Among the drugs women regularly abuse by injecting into their private parts include cocaine and heroin.

What are your comments on these shocking allegations?

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