Here is the OLD CURSE facing UHURU KENYATTA from his father JOMO KENYATTA


 – President Uhuru Kenyatta is currently facing one of the most tumultuous times in his administration that has put his five year tenure in office in jeopardy.


In fact, Uhuru may fall into Kenya’s annals of history as one of the Presidents, who served for only one term in office.


From the soaring crime rate, the Al Shabaab menace, Anglo Leasing ghosts and the Standard Gauge Railway, Uhuru is facing a myriad of problems in his administration and it is unclear whether he will resolve all these issues within his five years in office.


But what is the genesis of Uhuru’s challenges?


According to the Kikuyu tradition, when a young man succeeds his father, he is supposed to follow his father’s style of leadership to the letter. If he fails to do so, his leadership may fail and eventually may lead to his ouster as the leader of a community or a region.


Uhuru’s leadership style has been the opposite of what his father was. Whereas senior Kenyatta used to tackle issues with his dictatorial wand, junior Kenyatta is approaching governance with “soft democracy” in a country like Kenya where half of the population belongs to the opposition.


In fact on Monday, a former Cabinet Minister in senior Kenyatta’s administration, John Osogo, said Jomo Kenyatta was a “no nonsense leader who ruled Kenyans with bravery and with an iron fist”.


Osogo said if Uhuru’s father could wake up from the grave today, he would be embarrassed on how his son is ruling the country with a soft hand.


Although it is not Tecumseh’s curse, Osogo said Uhuru is facing a curse of not following his father’s footsteps.


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