Here is the ODM man who led Mpeketoni terror attacks – MOSOSO IBRAHIM LUCAS


 Last Sunday, Mpeketoni residents woke up to a rude shock after criminals raided their homes killing over 68 men and injuring dozens.


Although nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack, police are currently trying to connect the dots to establish who was behind the heinous attack.


By Saturday, police arrested a man who was caught on CCTV trying to loot a supermarket on the fateful Sunday.


The man was wearing a mask but without knowledge that the supermarket was under camera surveillance, removed the balaclava and led the gang in a looting spree at the supermarket after killing 68 people in Mpeketoni.


Mososo Ibrahim Lucas, who is the ODM Lamu Branch Coordinator, was the man who was caught on CCTV when he briefly removed the mask he was wearing while raiding a supermarket.


Lucas was the same man who led a group of youth from Lamu to Mombasa’s Tononoka Grounds for the Saturday rally where former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, was the chief guest.


He is believed to be one of the masterminds of the attacks that targeted a particular tribe in Kenya.


Lucas has since been arrested and is assisting police with more information.


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