NTV’s LARRY MADOWO spills the beans on Mpeketoni attack .. This will SHOCK you.

It has been a trying week for our Country after innocent Kenyans lost their lives in Sunday and Monday’s terror attack in Mpeketoni. More confusing is that there is no clear indication of what exactly happened on that fateful night of terror.


But NTV’s Larry Madowo, who has been doing an extensive coverage of the infamous attack, claims that the residents told him that they believe the attacks were politically motived.


Larry claims that 99 percent of residents he interviewed rubbished claims that Al-Shabaab militants were behind the attack.


“Most of the residents believe that politicians were behind all this menace and not Al-Shabaab.” said Larry who was among the few journalists who went deep into the villages where the attacks happened.


He claimed that one of the residents who spoke to him on condition of anonymity claimed that some of the attackers are well known people in Mpeketoni and may have been financed by politicians to carry out the attacks.


This re-affirms the President’s official statement confirming that the attacks were planned by some politicians.


Larry claims that he is preparing a special expose on the Mpeketoni attack and it will shock Kenyans.



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