MUDAVADI and WETANGULA exchange insults-none of them can be PRESIDENT and are all opportunists – LUHYA unity is dead.



Friday November 29, 2013 – As the date for the Bungoma Senatorial by-election draws near, the supremacy battle between Amani Presidential candidate, Musalia Mudavadi, and CORD candidate, Moses Wetangula, has intensified.
The two exchanged insults in broad daylight with each proving to one another how useless the other one is to be entrusted with the leadership of Kenya let alone the Luhya community.
Speaking yesterday at his home turf of Kabuchai while campaigning, Wetangula described Mudavadi as a failure struggling to remain relevant in politics and who cannot even become the President of Kenya let alone being a community leader.
Wetangula told Mudavadi to come out of his dream of becoming the President because he will never be President of Kenya since he is being controlled by Uhuru and Ruto.
“Mudavadi’s dream of leading Kenya is far-fetched, he claims he wants to lead the community yet he is being controlled by outsiders; you cannot entrust such a person with the leadership of the entire country”, said Wetangula.
In a quick rejoinder, Mudavadi dismissed Wetangula saying it is him who had no chance of becoming President of Kenya, because he has no influence and is eclipsed by former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, saying Wetangula is only but third in the CORD hierarchy, which places him far away from the Presidency.
He accused Wetangula of being an opportunist taking advantage of other people’s hard work, saying Wetangula will never reach where he reached by putting Luhya community on the ballot in the last election.
The give and take between Mudavadi and Wetangula only proves one point that Luhya unity is as good as dead and that they still have a long way to go if they have to make it in politics.

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