MIGUNA insults UHURU and MUTAHI NGUNYI – they are calling for the killing of LUOs.


Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga’s constitutional advisor, Miguna Miguna, has castigated President Uhuru Kenyatta over his statement last Tuesday where he said the Mpeketoni terror attack was politically instigated and not Al Shabaab.


In his weekly column, Miguna who is the author of Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya and Kidneys of the King: Deforming the Status Quo said President Kenyatta’s statement was slippery because it stocked ethnic tension between Kikuyus and Luos who have been rivals since independence.


That’s dangerous slippery slope for the President. Politicizing terrorist attacks, stoking ethnic divisions and rivalries in an ethnically diverse country like Kenya isn’t healthy. It emboldens terrorists and further endangers the innocent,” Miguna said.


Miguna said accusing Mr Odinga of engaging in terrorist activities and implying that his fellow Luos have attacked members of the Kikuyu community excites and incites dangerous passions.


He also lambasted renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, who said Raila hired members of Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) to carry out the Mpeketoni attacks where 68 people died.


Some of the President’s ‘advisers’ have even irresponsibly claimed that Cord and Mr. Odinga have ‘rented’ the MRC and are using them to carry out terrorist attacks in order to precipitate a regime change. You can’t get loonier than that!”  Miguna said.


He concluded by saying that Mutahi Ngunyi and Uhuru Kenyatta are indirectly calling for the killing of the members of the Luo community by the Kikuyu.


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