MERU POLITICIANS very angry with UHURU for appointing MUTHAURA – vow to teach him a lesson for in 2017 ignoring them



Sunday December 29, 2013 – Members of Parliament from the Meru region are outraged by the appointment of former Civil Service Boss, Francis Muthaura, as the head of LAPSSET, which will manage the construction of railway and roads in Kenya.
The legislators led by Igembe South MP, Mithika Linturi, accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of ignoring the plight of the Meru community despite the region having overwhelmingly voted for him in the last election.
He noted Uhuru’s continued recycling of Mwai Kibaki’s orphans such as Muthaura and Titus Ibui, both of whom hail from Meru, does not help them and is an indication of a less serious Government, saying Meru have very young professionals who can do better than Muthaura and Ibui.
Linturi threatened to rally the Meru community to vote against President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017, saying he had clearly shown no interest in helping the Meru people because even with the miraa case, he refused to help.
“The President doesn’t appear to have our interest at heart. In the miraa crisis, we tried to meet him, but he completely refused to meet us, he never helped us. We filed the case in London without his assistance, and now with the recent appointment, Uhuru should be taught a lesson”, said Linturi.

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