Men only!! 10 super fast ways to make a woman have S*X with you …..Women revealed


1. Have The Right Words: “Tell me I’m beautiful. Tell me I’m hot. Tell me I’m amazing. Then, I’m easy.” – Kelly

2. Take A Bite: “I’m boring with a ‘True Blood’ fetish—grab a handful of hair and bite me on the neck.” – Jenn

3. Pay Lip Service: “Be a good kisser. It’s pretty much as simple as that. I’m fairly choosy about who I allow to stick their tongue down my throat, but once that line is crossed, the only thing that will pull me back from the point of no return — the peen precipice if you will — is a dude who slobbers all over my face or has wicked halitosis.” – Lee

4. Get In The Kitchen: “Cook a great dinner for me. I’m talking good background music, a unique dish, a bottle or two of wine, maybe some flowers on the table (a clean apartment is a must, of course), a chocolate something for dessert, and I’m all yours.” – Amber

5. Use Your Hands: “Start with a foot massage, then ease into a back massage. Give me little kisses on the inside of my thighs, my neck and my breasts. And I’ll be putty in your hands.” – Carrie

6. Take Charge: “Planning a date from start to finish gets me in the mood instantly. Knowing you took the time to ensure we have a fun time together outside the bedroom, gets me amped to have a good time in the bedroom when we’re done. Only I’ll take charge of that one.” – Maggie

7. Flirt: “Sometimes when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, the anticipation of seeing each other goes away. If a dude I’ve been with for awhile manages to recapture that early spark by sending me suggestive texts or touching me on the sly while we’re out in public, I will tear his clothes off when we get home like we’ve just gone on our third date.” – Emily

8. Be Patient: “Just don’t be pushy, as nothing is more of a turnoff than when a dude seems to expect it and gets cranky when it’s not happening. Be awesome and patient and hot, and eventually it’ll happen.” – Katrina

9. Get Competitive: “Maybe this is juvenile, but I love a challenge — literally. Dare me to beat you at pool, take me bowling and be amazed by my killer skills, and offer to give me whatever I want. If I win, will get you what you want too.” — Megan

10. Go Down: “Uh, oral s*x, obviously. I am physically incapable of not boning if a dude goes down on me first. Fact.” – Annie

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