Any man behind TPF’s JOEY MUTHENGI? …. Look at what happened in their first date


– Kenyans online have always thought that former TPF host Joey Muthengi is in love with a bad boy because of what she posts on her blog Joey Factory  but speaking to Drum Magazine this month, Joey revealed that she is single and searching.


Apparently, she has had her fair share of bad relationships which stalled her love life and below is what she had to say about what she looks for in a man;


“A real man, a gentleman , someone mature who can take care of himself is ultimately what i look for , which is hard to find. A man is sexy because he is confident and honest”.


When did she end her search and why;


“It was when this guy I met up with, he assumed we were going to his place afterwards. It was a first date. Long story short, we parted ways at the parking lot and we never spoke again. I am not dating anyone. The dating train has stalled lately. I ve got to the point where dating is not a priority for me. It’s something I will pursue when I get time and that’s not right now.”


Why has she been away from the limelight;


“I am stuck up. Most assume that because I’m not always out and about, I think highly of myself. However those who know me understand that I’m an introvert who is terribly shy, so I rarely make public appearances.

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