LUOs ‘curse’ EVANS KIDERO for undermining RAILA ODINGA – For contributing MORE MONEY than RAILA. (Even from UHURUTO)



Sunday December 29, 2013 – A section of leaders from Luo Nyanza on Monday held a meeting at Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga’s residence in Bondo, where they resolved to cut ties with Nairobi Governor, Dr. Evans Kidero, for undermining Raila Odinga.
During the 10- hour meeting attended by over 35 ODM lawmakers, the leaders stressed the need for political unity and singled out Dr Kidero, for allegedly being sponsored by the Jubilee Government to politically divide the Luo community.
“He (Kidero) is using Harambees (fundraisers) to rock the community and divide our votes. He has been sent by powerful forces to undermine Raila and ODM,” Nyando MP, Fred Outa, said.
Kidero was also specifically targeted for allegedly trying to create a rift between the South and Central Nyanza, for his personal political gain.
He was further accused of bribing youthful first-term MPs with a view of undermining Raila and eventually staking claim to the Orange Party’s leadership.
Luo Council of elders’ member Willis Opiyo Otondi reportedly warned the MPs against being misused by “monied” operatives from “outside”, including agents of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) to run down the Raila-ODM leadership.

The leaders also unanimously agreed to throw out any individual who tries to employ tricks to eclipse Raila Odinga who has been the community’s de facto leader for more than two decades.

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