Two weeks ago, Igembe Central MP, Mithika Linturi, dropped an impeachment motion against Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Anne Waiguru, whom he accused of nurturing tribalism and nepotism in her Ministry.


This came after President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, Willliam Ruto, intervened and urged Linturi to either drop the censure motion or be expelled from the Jubilee alliance.


But according to whispers in political circles, Linturi’s censure motion against Waiguru had nothing to do with tribalism or nepotism in her office but other personal issues.


This was revealed by a senior TNA MP who said Linturi’s censure motion against Waiguru was after a “love deal” gone sour.


The MP said in March this year, Linturi invited Waiguru for a “coffee date” in a top hotel in town but Waiguru turned down the offer saying “she has no time for jokers and pennyless lawmakers’


This SMS infuriated Linturi, who has a number of randy cases in his village and threatened Waiguru with a censure motion for not accepting his demands.


“You will be the first CS to be impeached in Jubilee Alliance,” Linturi allegedly told Waiguru through an SMS.


But in a quick response, Waiguru urged Linturi to go on with the impeachment motion adding that she can’t trade her “flesh” with political favours!


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