LOVE made in HEAVEN…….very inspiring story



My name is Faustin Macharia. I am 27 Years old. I am an advertising executive. And I am born-again.

I met my amazing wife at Daystar University. Her name is Milkah Gathoni. She is 26. And she is an investment banker.

I met her in 2006 at Daystar. Where we were students as well as part of a christian singing group. I was the leader of the group.

At that time,Milkah was JUST A FRIEND. Nothing more.

I had NEVER been attracted to her. And had NEVER bothered asking her out.

I was NOT even interested in her.

But EVERYTHING changed after I returned from Korea,where I had gone for a one-year exchange programme.

I came back to Daystar. And met the gorgeous Milkah again.

I began to see her in a different light. I was suprised that we had been friends for so long yet I had NEVER felt attracted to her.

But after coming back from Korea,EVERYTHING changed.

I felt deeply attracted to Milkah.


I even started imagining how amazing it would be if we were in a relationship.

And with that,I started PRAYING about it.

I PRAYED hard.

Milkah also viewed me as a friend. Just a friend.

And had NEVER thought of dating Me.

But I was becoming tired of being FRIENDZONED.

I wanted HER.

With time,I started appreciating simple qualities in her.

I realized she was a quiet person. A humble,polite and prayerful person.

And my LOVE for her grew stronger.

We cultivated our friendship throughout our campus days and ONLY decided to pursue a relationship AFTER completing our studies in December 2008.

And on February 14 2009,I asked Milkah to be my girlfriend.

She said NO.

I wasnt discouraged. It gave me the impetus to continue wooing her.

I would pass by her office everyday in the morning and after work. Just to see her.

And after 2 months,I asked her to be my GIRLFRIEND. AGAIN.

And she said YES!

Yeeeaaay! I was elated. It was the BEST NEWS EVER!

I was now determined to make her my wife.

We started dating immediaetly.

It was a journey of discovery-getting to know about each other’s values,passions,hopes,likes and dislikes.

She also met MY parents.

And I met hers.

We prayed hard together. And strengthened our spiritual lives.

I dated Milkah for 3 Years.

3 YEARS and NEVER slept with her.

We NEVER attempted sex for a whole 3 Years.

We wanted to discover the pleasure and power of making love AFTER marriage.


But I must admit,It was quite tempting and challenging.

In preparation for our marriage,we opened a joint account to finance our wedding.

And on 1st March 2011, I proposed to Milkah. That day was also my birthday.

And my Angel said YES!


God,I could have died with joy.

We immediately started planning for our wedding.

And we heavily involved our parents and friends.

And on March 24 2012,We held a beautiful,beautiful wedding at Wander Joy Grounds,Kiambu Road.

Followed by a reception at the same place.

To Finance our wedding,we had saved enough money. And,with a little help from family and friends,our wedding cost Ksh.650,000.

It was a beautiful,beautiful affair.

Beyond awesome.

We had our honeymoon in the island of Zanzibar. And also toured Tanzania extensively.

I am sooo in love with Milkah right now.

She is MY LIFE.

And I am HER LIFE.

We’ve been married for close to 2 Years,and I have NEVER been through such a beautiful experience ever.

I keep telling Milkah,I wish I could marry her again.

And again.

Young people,DONT BE DISCOURAGED by losers who have REFUSED to work on their marriages.

Marriage aint hell. Its fun.

Its the people involved in it who are HELL.

Guys,go ahead,put a ringer on your babe’s finger.

The sooner.the better.

And if she can learn to respect You,honor You,Understand You,Obey You and Love You…

And You learn to stay loyal,faithful,honest,caring and true to her,

Trust Me,

MARRIAGE will be BEST part of Your Lives.

Milkah has created a little heaven for Me.

‘cos she’s so damn fine……


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