Look at what a Ugandan PROSTITUTE did to a TNA MP in a lodging.

– Ugandan prostitutes are known to be cunning and men have been frequently warned to be careful when seeking their s3xual services.


A TNA MP, who has of late locked horns with Moses Kuria over his recent nomination in Gatundu South Parliamentary Seat, was last weekend taught a bitter lesson by a Ugandan prostitute.


Apparently, the high-class prostitute has been providing s3xual services to high profile businessmen and politicians and this prompted the daring MP to also give it a try.


He was tired of hearing how she is a bed-room bully from his fellow Legislators and he decided to have a taste the much-hyped honey jar.


But he made the worst mistake of his life when he carried his briefcase that had Ksh 2 million to a City’s serviced apartment, where he was supposed to exchange fluids with the prostitute.


The lustful MP was supposed to donate the money to various Church harambees on Sunday. He had also planned to use some of the money to bribe Gatundu South Constituents so as to reject Moses Kuria in the up-coming by-election.


But as they were sipping their drinks before having s3x in the serviced apartments, the prostitute spiked his drink with”mchele” and he fell asleep.


She then walked out with the cash and hired a taxi all the way to Malaba border and then crossed to Uganda.


The poor MP is still recovering from the shock while the cunning prostitute is smiling all the way to the bank.


That’s how cunning prostitutes can be and it should be a lesson to all men.


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