LILIAN MULI confirms she has DIVORCED her husband on Live TV.


Lillian Muli’s love-life has always been a subject of discussion with reports going on that she has divorced her husband, Kanene.


Other sources indicate that she is ready to be married as a second wife to Shabana FC Chairman, Jared Nevaton.


The s3xy screen siren recently confirmed that she has indeed divorced her husband on live TV. This was during her popular One on One interview over the weekend, where she hosted veteran journalist, Jeff Koinange.


After the interview, Jeff gave out two copies of his autographed biography; one for a fan and the other one for Lillian. But when the s3xy screen-siren was asked by Jeff whether he can write her husband’s name on the copy, she quickly answered,


No, Muli is just fine”.


Apparently, Muli is her father and it now seems that she doesn’t want anything to do with her ex-husband.


Here are comments from social media fans after she disowned her husband on live TV.


“Muthui Mkenya @MuthuiMkenya

Meanwhile, Lillian Muli stopped Jeff Koinange from writting the name “Kanene” on her autographed copy of Jeff’s book


ROBERT KAMAU @kamau_robert

@lillian_muli just got busted by Jeff Koinange live. denounced her 3rd name ‘Kanene’ during #OneonOne.very embarrasing


Walter Ayata A. @walterayata

“Jeff: can i write Kanene? Lillian: No. Muli is just fine @Paapa__: Lilian Muli ain’t loyal.”


Peter hope @Peterrhope

@lillian_muli was one of the best interview ever but y not allow Jeff to write KANENE,


ticha muthee @tichamuthee

Was watching citizen and jeff asked lilian muli if he could suffix her name with kanene! Lillian flatly declined!


Peter hope @Peterrhope

@lillian_muli lilly y haven’t u allowed Jeff to write KANENE, r u nop proud of him??


mister bones @bones_mister

This means that @lillian-muli has officially denounced KANENE live on TV….woman u r tough #oneonone


MNIMN @dunn_can

Jeff was able to get Lillian Muli to divorce the name Kanene live on air! Hehe


Anthony Taiti @TonyTaiti

Jeff:So its Lilian Muli Kanene? Lilian: Muli is just fine. Kutokwa nayo!!!”

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