KIKUYUS and S*X ………. MWANGI begs for S*X from WANGARE in the bush … Or is it?? NO



Mwangi na Wangare were taking a romantic walk in the forest then Mwangi notices there is no one else in the forest but them so he tells Wangare.
‘Let’s do wiwichu’..
Wangare says no let’s just hold hands..
Ok mwangi agrees…
After a few minutes he says again.. Lets du wiwichu pleaz but Wangare says no I don’t want to do it…
So they go back to holding hands….after a few minutes mwangi says
‘Pliiiiiiiizzzzz I can’t help it lets just do wiwichu …
Wangare agrees and Mwangi hugs her and they start..
‘wiwichu a merry Christmas … wiwichu a merry Christmas..wiwichu a merry chrismass and a happy new year…..
Happy Christmas all

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