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Request For Proposal For The Provision of Media Monitoring Services

General Information and Notice
The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) was founded in 1992 and registered in Kenya in 1994 as a national level Non- Governmental Organization (NGO). Throughout its existence, the core agenda of the Commission has been campaigning for the entrenchment of a human rights and democratic culture in Kenya through monitoring, documenting and publicizing rights violations.

This document is a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) for the provision of Media Monitoring Company Services detailed below in the section of this RFP entitled “Requirements”.
• All the information contained in this RFP and in the Provider’s response will be handled with confidentiality by both the Media Monitoring Company and KHRC.
• The offer should remain valid through to 13th December, 2013.
• In issuing this RFP, there is no obligation for KHRC to select and procure all or some of the services offered.
• Any statement and cost-proposal made by the Media Monitoring Company will form the basis of any contract that may be entered between KHRC and the vendor.
• KHRC shall not be liable for or required to pay any costs, expenses or losses that may be incurred by the Media Monitoring Company in the preparation of their Proposal response.
• All required information will be submitted on the documents specified in this RFP.
• KHRC does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid of any Proposal and reserves the right to accept a portion of any Proposal.
• The Media Monitoring Company is to submit a fully qualifying bid.
• KHRC reserves the right to conduct unannounced site visits.
• KHRC may contact the clients listed in this proposal.

Deadline For Submission Of Proposals
All proposal submissions should be received at the Kenya Human Rights Commission Offices by 4.00pm on 13th December, 2013. to be deemed “received on time”.

Submissions should be handed over in a sealed and unmarked envelope to:
Finance & Administration Manager
Kenya Human Rights Commission
Opposite Valley Arcade Shopping Centre
Gitanga Road, Box 41079 – Nairobi 00100

Presentation Of Proposals
The proposal must be submitted in one copy, bound, typed and completely printed. A soft copy should be attached on CD-ROM.

The detailed format of the proposal is provided below following the
“Requirements” section. The proposal is made up of four different sections:
1. Vendor Profile
2. Financial Proposal
3. Technical Proposal
4. Certificate of Disclosure

KHRC is seeking to enter into a contract with a Media Monitoring Company, although the length of the contract may be reviewed depending on the particulars of the winning bid.

As described in more detail below:
• Tracking of all human rights violations relating to KHRC’s three thematic areas namely: Civil and Political Rights; Equality and Non-Discrimination; and Economic and Social Rights are reported in the media. The media refers to all print, broadcast and online media.
• Content analysis of the activities of the media that amount to human rights violations.
• Possibly capture the emerging human rights issues at regional and global levels.
• Delivery of media monitoring reports on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis as they occur for immediate action or response.
• Data analysis and compiled reports to feed into the KHRC violations database and periodical reports.

Contract Monitoring
The Media Monitoring Company and KHRC will meet on a regular basis to discuss any issue arising in the course of the contract.
The Media Monitoring Company accepts that KHRC may require external evaluations of the vendors services and prices and will extend it fullest cooperation during such evaluations.

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