KETER tells RUTO to end “his marriage” with UHURU as he threatens mass walk – out – KALENJINS are tired of UHURU’s tribal appointments



Monday December 30, 2013 – Outspoken Nandi Hills Member of Parliament, Alfred Keter, has warned Kalenjins to prepare for a mass walk-out from Uhuru/ Ruto’s Jubilee Coalition.
This follows tribal appointments by President Uhuru Kenyatta, where he recycled veteran politicians and appointed many Kikuyus to head parastals in Kenya at the expense of other tribes including the Kalenjin.
Out of the 26 appointed heads of parastatals, only three are Kalenjins with Kikuyus taking the lion’s share.
Speaking yesterday, Keter noted that Kalenjins can no longer tolerate Uhuru Kenyatta’s tribalism within Jubilee and called on Deputy President, William Ruto, to end his marriage with Uhuru with immediate effect.
He said as a liberal Kalenjin leader, he will not sit back and watch Uhuru Kenyatta take Kalenjins for grunted as well as use them to hold onto power.
He vowed to continue fighting for the poor Kalenjins until when they will get their rightful share in Jubilee, saying Kikuyus cannot be trusted.

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