Kenyan Woman Entrepreneur Making Millions From Rabbits

“Expect the best and prepare for the worst,” is one philosophy that works for me in life.  Are you prepared for any uncertainty in your job?  You can loose your job either under very clear circumstances or just out of your own will, but what can you do next?

Jack Canfield in his book, “The Success Principles, ” talks of becoming an inverse paranoid; operating as if everyone is on a plot to enhance your well being. He advices that you see an opportunity in every situation; good or bad.

Now, imagine what would happen if you lost your job today? Would you keep mourning your lost job, start looking for another one, or just venture into your own business.

Lucy Wanjiku Ndun’gu , 36 who was sacked from a low paying job because she went on a maternity leave. But she decided to see the golden opportunity out of her adversity which turned out to be her path to millions.

If you missed this article posted earlier, then you could spare a few minutes and get to know how you can make millions from rabbit farming in Kenya.

Below is an excerpt of that interview by Mwangi Muiruri of Business Daily.

How did she lose her job?
She thought getting pregnant was a normal biological thing and that her employer would share her joy. Instead , she was fired with her sacking letter indicating that the Kiambu based NGO she worked for as a research assistant could not afford to pay for a ‘vacancy slot’ in its work budget.

How did she feel about losing her job?
I could not believe that a pregnancy would be a source of employment misery. I was a graduate in business management and was earning  Sh16,000 with an NGO that empowered grass roots groups in Kiambu district.

What happened after she delivered?
After I delivered I had to stay at home with my baby. I asked my husband Amos Ndung’u to buy me two rabbits as pets. I wanted them to keep me busy. It’s these two pets that introduced me to the cottage industry that I have built to unimaginable levels.

How did she start the rabbit business?
My husband bought me two graded rabbits. Today I operate a daily stock of 1,500, worth Sh1.2 million. I only had 12,000 which all went to nil when I delivered. I borrowed SH 10,000 from relatives. I then joined a merry go round group with nine other members. We would contribute 1,000 per week.

Rabbit Farming 2Meanwhile, my two rabbits had multiplied to a stock of 200. I used them as collateral to get another Sh20,000 from a micro-finance.

Who was her target market?
They were my fellow farmers who were commencing rabbit breeding following a market craze that had started to rage following campaigns from Kenya Institute of Organic Farming.

How much can one make from rearing rabbits?
With only one doe, a farmer can make at least Sh64, 000 in a year. A weaned rabbit has a market value of Sh2, 000 translating to a minimum of Sh16, 000 within a month.

A mature buck and doe are valued at Sh3, 000 and a served doe Sh5, 000.

How much does rabbit meat sell?
A kilo of rabbit meat stands at Sh500. Skin is being bought at Sh300 a pelt. The prices keep on rising.

How much does it take to start rearing rabbits?
With 10,000, you can start off. This business has very low operations costs and the produce has a ready market.

Who buys rabbit meat?
Major five star hotels, the Department of Defense and supermarkets are placing tenders for white meat. Already there are rabbit butcheries in Nairobi, Nakuru, Gilgil, Kiambu and Mombasa.

Did venturing into the rabbit business pay off?
By the year 2007, I had repaid all my loans and invested in shares as well as boosting my fixed deposit account. Today I am doing well and would not compare my former employment with my rabbit breeding business.

For the past three years, I have been financially stable and invested in various sector while retaining an impressive credit rating with lenders.

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