Kenyan Teachers Are Academic Failures In Subject Tests – Survey

It’s true that the kind of school you attend has a lot of impact on your future. The way you speak and pronounce words, your confidence and reasoning, the kind of job you are likely to get and even who you marry.

A new survey reveals that primary school teachers failed simple tests administered to them in the subject areas they teach.

In the study conducted by the African Population and Health Research Centre (APHRC) between January and March last year,  a third of the teachers tested during the research period scored below 40 per cent in mathematics and other subjects they teach, with some of them attaining as low as 10 per cent.

This is a clear indication of the quality of education being delivered in classrooms.

pupils 2“Would you trust a teacher who scores less than 40 per cent in the subjects they teach to impart proper knowledge to your child? These teachers are not qualified to teach our children because they also failed in these subjects,” said Dr Ngware.

The Quality Access to Education in Urban Informal Settlements in Kenya report revealed that overall, only 45 per cent of Government employed primary school teachers have content command of the subjects they teach.

Also, Standard Three pupils in private schools perform better than their counterparts in public and low cost schools.

It also says that teachers teach five hours less than the average required rates per week due to domestic responsibilities, and attendance of professional development and departmental committees as well as attending union meetings as some of the reasons for absenteeism.

Now you know, your children are being taught by academic failures!!!

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