Kenyan Entrepreneur Makes A Jiko That Once Sold At Sh60K

A new energy saving Jiko that will help most rural dwellers save on their energy cost is now available thanks to the innovation by Kenneth Ndua.

Ndua, a social entrepreneur with a Masters Degree in Community Care, realized that there was an issue of waterborne diseases for ordinary Kenyans following his years of experience working with NGOs. Such diseases tend to be common when people lack clean and safe drinking water.

Through his organization STAMP (Synchronizing Training, Assembling, Positioning and Maintaining) Ndua developed an Energy Conserving Stove (ECO Stove) using gas cylinder welded into shape for the outer part and then clay on the side.

His prototype was too expensive as it cost Sh 60,000. However he went back to the drawing board and a year later he was able to modify his model by using stainless steel.

JikoThe result was a fuel-efficient biomass ECO Stove featuring an innovative built-in jacket that can be filled with three liters of water. So you can cook as water boils.

“This mechanism captures the wasted heat that would normally escape and transmits it to the water jacket meaning you can cook with hotter heat while at the same time the water boils faster. It is energy conserving and we all know that boiled water kills all the germs and is safe for drinking,” says Ndua.

The ECO Stove is able to conserve 71 per cent of the heat because of the design. The cost of making one is Sh 2,500 and it will retail at Sh3, 000.

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