Kenyan celeb conned by Mombasa PROSTITUTE ……. Sh. 20,000 for S*X …… Eish



Friday, November 29, 2013 – Drama unraveled at a Mombasa hotel after an award winning rapper was ambushed by a prostitute he had been having a good time with.
According to witnesses, the rapper was in Mombasa for a tour and had too many to drink. He headed to his room in the wee hours of the morning accompanied by a girl he had picked up at a club.
After hours of entertainment, the rapper asked the lass to sneak out of his room after a drink. The lass however demanded sh. 20,000 for the services.
The rapper refused to pay her claiming that he had used too much money on her already. The prostitute threatened to go to the hotel manager naked and report she had been raped.

The rapper had to give her the money to cover the shame.

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