How JOSEPH HELLON raped VERONICAH with three other MEN.


– How evil can some men get? Controversial Finger of God founder, Omondi Anyango, popularly known as, Joseph Hellon, looks-like a perfect gentleman on the outside but he is a real heartless beast.


A few years back, a 20 year old lady named, Veronicah Agape, shocked Kenyans when she claimed that Hellon rap3d her. Not only did she make the rap3 allegations, but she also claimed that Hellon rap3d her together with three other men.


Apparently, she was a member of his controversial church and she saw him as a father figure but in real sense, he was a devil. Surprisingly, she had undergone a past rap3 ordeal and was seeking help from Hellon who turned against her.


But more shocking is that after raping the poor girl, he started threatening her.


A source who witnessed Hellon molest the 20 year old girl shed tears as he narrated how he was also supposed to be among the three men who rap3d Veronicah but his conscience couldn’t allow him. Hellon claimed that by r@ping the 20 year old lady, they could become more powerful both in bed and in their “Church Ministry”.


He then bribed rogue court officers thanks to his deep pockets and the case was thrown out. Up-to date, the poor lady has never received justice.


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